Clinton Dene was raised in Kuna  Idaho, and took up photography his junior year at Kuna High School. After school, Clinton created an small hobbies for himself and called it “Picture This Photography.” for 6 years. He attended Hancock Community College in Santa Maria California where is studied in depth film and development along with the history of photography. His understanding of business were very limited and wanted to pursue more education in creation, light and the new digital era of photography.

In 2009, he attended Hallmark Institute of Photography, located in the north west state of Massachusetts. The 10 month institute opened a large opportunity of creativity, business skills, organization, light techniques, posing, market and  branding his name, which then became Clinton Dene Photography. He marketed his brand with a simplicity of his name in black with a blue underline.

With his knowledge of photography; Clinton stepped up to new adventures and landed jobs around the world with Princess Cruise, Norwegian Cruises, and  P&O Australia photographing many cultures and creating friends along the way. He has traveled to Canada for wedding opportunities, hopped trains into Oregon for documenting the life of stole aways. Captured Samba Dancers from Brazil, and also recorded through his lens, the wild rapids as a river guide on the  Salmon River with the Boy Scouts of America.

Today Clinton is still freelancing his way through life, photographing children, babies. families, product, weddings, and creating wonderful photo manipulations images through photoshop.

This year in 2016, Clinton Dene Photography took on a new logo; a red wax  stamp on parchment paper and a gold emblem to represent that his work is  not only for the consumers mantel, but that its fine art to be appreciated.

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